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How much you can earn,
having unlimited traffic?

Every day more and more people use Facebook, as a means of earning extra money or even a permanent source of income. Every day, the number of Pages grows rapidly: some sell their products / services, while others make money by a traffic.

You may choose (or have chosen already) any earning method on Facebook, but it will work only if you learn how to create (generate) traffic.

Without traffic (number of visitors), no one will see your proposal, no one will convert into customers and hence profits. Therefore, traffic generation is one of the key challenges in the Internet business.

But how to generate a traffic,
if Facebook reduces Pages’ Reach more and more,
and a competition continues growing?

There is a solution!

This is a mutually beneficial partnership! And... 

...FBpartner - elementary solution of this task!

What is FBpartner.club?

This is a webservice, where you find Facebook Pages for the given parameters, and exchange by reposts with them on equal terms every day. 

How FBpartner.club works?

- Sign up for free
- Add your Pages
- Choose your Pages posts for an exchange
- Find Pages (Partners) in our Search Database by given criteria
- Choose their posts for the exchange
- Set the exchange time
- Wait for a confirmation from the exchange Partners
- Our webservice will schedule and make the exchange automatically on yours and the Partner's Pages
- Get a huge post engagement or a traffic to your website

Why such reposts’ exchanges are profitable?

For example:


A Post on Facebook Page with 100,000 fans

can get 10,000 Organic Reach in average.


(It is important that the Post would be a viral one
(funny/useful photo/video).)



to increase the Reach,
it was necessary to invest in Ads.


You can find 5 equal Partners in FBpartner
to exchange with them your best Post,
and to increase its Reach in 5 times!


Do you want 10 times growth?
Make 10 exchanges!


FBpartner - a tool that changes everything.

What is a convenience of FBpartner?

Semi-automatic Posts’ Exchanges System

The largest partners Facebook Pages Database

User-friendly interface

Video tutorials to maximize profit and fans

Transparent Pages’ Stats

You specify a “from till” time span for an exchange

Mutual exchange control

Exchanges Scheduler for a day ahead

Adding Partners to favorites

What tasks can be solved with the help of Posts’ Exchanges?

There are two main objectives

Increase your Post Engagement - unlimited

Increase your traffic to your website and the profit – unlimited

Do you exchange already, but manually?

You lose time searching for Partners

You lose time for an exchange and its control

Or you lose your money on an employee who makes exchanges and controls the process

What is the benefit of Facebook Posts’ exchanges at all?

You increase your Post Reach due to a Reach of other Pages fans

You increase your viral Post engagement dramatically

You get an even greater increase in Page’s fans

When exchanging links to websites, you get more traffic and profit

In this case you have nothing to lose

And all this may be free of charge for you



Add your Pages that you might be found in our search engine. And choose your Posts to exchange.

We recommend that you select Video Posts (for an engagement) and Links (for a profit)


Find Partners and exchange Posts with them.

The more exchanges, the more benefits you get

Begin to generate as much free traffic as you need

Sign up for free >>

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